6 Things to Consider Before Tree Removal in Sydney


Tree Removal Sydney

Removing a tree may appear simple but it is potentially dangerous and therefore you need experienced arborists for tree removal services. But wait, before you rush to call for Arborists services Sydney, here are 6 things to consider.

1. Seek Approval from Council Regulations

At the outset, you must look into your local council regulations and seek permission in a written order to have the tree removed. It is best to cross-check and avoid being fined if you remove the tree without prior permission.

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2. Take extra precaution for dead or decayed Trees

Is the tree to be removed unhealthy, dead or decaying? It may be difficult for a layman to accurately assess the structural integrity of such a tree. While it may appear to be sturdy from the outside, it may actually be rotting and decaying from the inside. Since these types of trees make tree removal more hazardous, it is important to discuss the safety measures with tree cutting specialists early on to ensure that everything is done as safely as possible.

3. Watch out for possible damage to property

Tree removal can be potentially dangerous to your property and demands experienced professionals to prevent it from being a disaster. Especially in case of trees that are overhang your or neighbouring property and present a potential risk of endangering your safety or causing damage to your property.

4. Explore alternatives to tree cutting

Is cutting the tree necessary? Trees provide a wide range of health and environmental benefits that include clean air and cool shadow. You must certainly explore other alternatives to cutting a tree, like crown lifting or tree pruning to remove branches that pose a risk or obstruct your view.

5. Double check your Insurance Cover

Make sure that you hire fully insured arborist for tree removal services. Also ensure that the insurance covers any sort of property damage or personal injury that occurs to you, your neighbour or a stranger while removing the tree.

6. Ensure your local arborist manages tree disposal:

Once the tree is removed, you will need to remove the stump and the huge quantity of branches, wood and debris. Make sure that your chosen arborist for tree removal Sydney also include tree disposal services so you don’t have to incur separate expenses.


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