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Recently pruned palm trees

Tree pruning services can be undertaken on young trees to help the tree develop in a healthy and be more aesthetically pleasing way. We complete the tree surgery by strategically trimming branches and branch tips to encourage growth in the direction that we choose.

Pruning a young tree is not the only reason to undertake this kind of work. Some trees can hamper the growth of others, or not allow the grass to grow underneath them as their foliage may be too think and close to the ground to afford the grass any light.

If pruning is done incorrectly it can do more harm to the tree rather than helping to keep it healthy. Incorrectly cut branches could cause weakening of the tree and/or encourage undesired growth. Over pruning affects photosynthesis as the foliage is required to sustain the tree, over-pruned trees can lead to the tree becoming unhealthy and in some cases the death of the tree.

Elevated Arbor Care can provide tree pruning services to anyone in the greater Sydney area. This may mean the difference between keeping the tree you love, or it outgrowing its surroundings and needing to be removed.

View our gallery for tree pruning projects we have undertaken.

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