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Quality arborist services at the best prices. Whether you need tree removals, stump grinding, tree pruning, mulching or something else, EAC is here to help you.
Large Tree Removal with Crane

Tree Removals

Residential or commercial, get safe and affordable tree removals with Elevated Arbor Care, your local arborists with years of experience in taking out large trees.

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Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding

Elevated Arbor Care provides prompt, affordable and professional stump grinding and root removal services to customers throughout Western Sydney.

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Trimming Trimming

Tree Trimming

A local arborist from the team at Elevated Arbor Care have the skills and experience to surgically prune your trees to prevent disease and reduce pests, avoid overhanging power lines and improve aesthetics.

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Mulcher with Catcher

Chipping and Mulching

We can chip your old trees into firewood and mulch.

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Aborist in Tree

Crown Lifting

By removing the lower branches of a tree, you can benefit by improved sunlight and views or allow access for pedestrians, cars and boats.

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