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Fast, easy and affordable tree stump removal.
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Elevated Arbor Care provides prompt, affordable and professional stump grinding and root removal services to customers throughout Western Sydney.
Tree stumps can be unsightly, a trip hazard, and also get in the way of general garden maintenance and lawn mowing. Elevated Arbor Care provides a local stump grinding service to ensure your garden is neat, safe and easy to maintain.
Servicing all of Greater Western Sydney, we can remove tree roots using our high powered grinder, leaving a flat surface that improves the look of your property and makes the area safer for you and your family.

How stump grinding works

Removing a tree stump from your property is fast and easy. When our team arrives on-site, we’ll perform a general hazard assessment and ensure we can move our grinding machine into position without any damage to your garden or property.

Then, our professionally trained arborists will manoeuvre the grinding machine around the stump, effectively shaving it down to the ground and creating a coarse sawdust in the process. The precision cutting wheels grind the stumps at high speed, cutting it into smaller pieces until the bulk of it is gone.

With minimal trunk left in the ground, the roots will soon die off on their own, providing organic matter that enriches the surrounding soil.

Our experienced arborists will then backfill the hole left by the stump, leaving you with a neat and level surface to plant a smaller tree, cover the area with turf, extend your deck or patio, or completely redesign your garden!

Plus, this whole process can be completed in as little as 15 minutes for smaller stumps, and around two hours for very large or tough tree stumps.

Our stump removal process

Stump removal is a safe and simple process when done correctly. Here’s how stump grinding works:

We conduct a site safety assessment and property access check.
Our arborist uses temporary silt fence or shade cloth to protect the surrounding areas and contain sawdust, mulch and debris.
We grind down the tree stump using our high-powered cutting saw, getting down into the soil and through the root ball.
The remaining hole is back filled with soil from the surrounding area, levelling out the site and ensuring it is safe.
We remove the mulch and excess wood chip (or leave it with you if you’d like to use it on your garden beds).
The job is complete… in as little as 15 minutes!

Why you should choose an arborist for safe stump removal

Getting the professionals in to dig out a tree stump is the best and safest option for you and your family.

Stump grinding is a relatively simple process, however, it’s a job that is best left to the professionals. We don’t recommend DIY stump grinding, as there is always a risk that hired stump grinding machines will kick and buck, causing a range of safety issues. They can be noisy and hard to operate, and often more trouble than they are worth (especially if you unintentionally come across underground pipes or cables).

Plus, working on your own without experience in grinding stumps can make grinding a laborious, difficult task. This is especially true for smaller properties that have narrow access or areas where it is very tight to move a big piece of equipment through your yard.

Contact us for a stump removalist quote and avoid the hassle of digging stumps out of your garden yourself. We can tackle any size of stump, from just a few inches up to the largest and most stubborn tree roots.

We can remove all types of tree stumps including:

Stumps left after emergency tree removal
Stubborn stumps and root systems from pest species or invasive weedy trees such as camphor laurel, mulberry, rubber trees
Old, deteriorating stumps
Buried root balls
Tree stumps that are rotting or attracting pests (if you believe there are termites present, we strongly recommend a follow-up visit from a pest controller)

Costs of grinding a stump

Professional stump grinding prices are quite affordable when you take into consideration the long term benefits. Not only does removing old tree stumps make more space for your family to enjoy your property, but it also saves you money down the track by removing a potential termite breeding ground.

Because stump grinding prices can vary depending on the size of the stump, the location and the type of tree, it’s best to get an accurate quote by contacting our team.

The environmentally friendly alternative: grinding vs poisons and herbicides

There are many methods of removing tree stumps, including burning, pulling, digging or using harsh chemicals that accelerate decay. These methods can often be dangerous, time-consuming and can damage the surrounding landscape and soil biology.

Grinding is a safe and environmentally friendly way to remove stumps from dead or felled trees, leaving you with nothing more than natural mulch and wood chips with no damage to the surrounding earth.

Get a fast price on tree stump removal in Western Sydney

Elevated Arbor Care offers a complete range of high quality arborist services including emergency tree removal and loppingpruning, maintenance, mulching and more. Stump grinding is available across all areas of Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our arborists.
Do you offer hire services for stump grinding equipment?

No. Stump grinding can be dangerous and while we do have the necessary protective gear, we believe experience is the best form of hazard reduction.

Is stump grinding dangerous?

Yes. Stump grinding can be dangerous. Elevated Arbor Care take safety very seriously and will take the proper precautions to ensure our staff, you and your property are protected from projectiles. Our Arborists are highly experienced and fully insured.

Do you remove the left-over debris?

Yes, we can also give you the option to bring in topsoil and landscape the affected area.

Can I use the mulch left over from the stump grinding?

Yes. This is dependent on the size and quality of the stump.

Will I be left with a big hole after the stump has been removed?

To reduce hazards and provide a basic level of safety, we will push the surrounding dirt back into the hole, level out and leave on site.

Should I get the tree stump grinded?

Reason to remove an unwanted stump:

  • Improve the cosmetics on your property.
  • Free up valuable yard space.
  • Reduce a potential trip hazard or damage to lawn mowers from exposed roots.
  • Reduce termites, carpenter ants and other unwanted pests near your house.
  • Decaying stumps can bring in unwanted fungi and my pose a threat to pets.

Will the stump grinder fit between small spaces?

Yes, our stump grinder with fit through a 92 centimetres standard-sized gate allowing us to reach tight spaces.

How long does it take to grind a tree stump?

Depending on the size of the stump, allow for 15 minutes to 2 hours.

Do you kill the roots?

The roots will die off once the stump is ground, any surface roots can be chased and ground where possible.

Can you remove the entire tree stump?

Yes, most tree stumps have all their root caps within the top 40 centimetres of soil which is covered by our stump grinder.

We grind down enough to ensure there are no tripping hazards from the root ball.

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  • These guys worked bloody hard removing some trees for us over a couple of days. From the start the quote process was easy and well communicated. Steve was flexible, happy to give advice and great to deal with.
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    Lucy Thomson
    , Emu Heights
  • Steve and his offsider come today and cut an remove 5 palms at a good price I was very impressed with there service and how clean they left my property will definitely use them again
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    Roberta Larosa
    , Penrith
  • I was thoroughly pleased with the overall experience from communication to professionalism when removing the tree. Definitely worth the five stars!!!
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    Palmina Merendino
    , South Penrith
  • Very efficient, knowledgeable, showed up on time and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.
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    Natalie Carn
    , Windsor
  • After a devastating storm took down part of one of our largest trees, we were recommended to try this company, Steve's quote was more than reasonable, they turned up on time, pleasant and friendly worked hard in 40 degree heat.
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    Vickie Smith
    , Sydney

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Hannah Sandoval

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Hannah Sandoval
December 13, 2021

The team at EAC were very responsive, arrived on time, flexible with needs and helped tremendously! We’ve now used their serviced twice and recommended to friends and family! If you need any tree work done - EAC is for you!

Glen Wilson
December 13, 2021

Steve from EAC has been great to deal with. Quote was affordable and on the day the team worked quickly and professionally. Trees were removed with the stumps ground out the next day. Very happy!

Lilly C
September 5, 2021

EAC removed an oak tree for me a few months back. The price was reasonable, the service was highly professional and they did a good job of cleaning up. I highly recommend them.

Penny Janson
July 14, 2021

We were delighted with the excellent service we received from Elevated Arbor Care. Our access is difficult, but the team were very patient and careful. They followed the council instructions and we are very happy with the result. Thank you!

Pheany Ban
June 10, 2021

Elevated Arbor Care was quick to respond with a reasonable quote. They completed the job in the time needed and kept me informed during the process. Very pleased with the quality of work and will be using Elevated Arbor Care for future jobs!

Lucy Thomson
March 25, 2021

These guys worked bloody hard removing some trees for us over a couple of days. From the start the quote process was easy and well communicated. Steve was flexible, happy to give advice and great to deal with. On the days of the work there was a great team who turned up early and worked amazingly hard. They worked seamlessly with Sydney Wide Cranes who got the branches safely over our house. They took care of everything including large tree removal, wood chipping and stump grinding. They took the time after a long job to leave the street clean. You can tell Steve and his team take a pride in their work and they really wanted us to have the best experience. I would highly recommend Elevated Arbor Care. THANKYOU!

Palmina Merendino
March 20, 2021

I highly recommend Elevated Arbor Care to anyone. From the initial call with Steve to quote the job (which I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price quoted), to Steve and his crew arriving early before it rained, I was thoroughly pleased with the overall experience from communication to professionalism when removing the tree. Definitely worth the five stars!!!

Nat Carn
February 8, 2021

Very efficient, knowledgeable, showed up on time and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.

Andrew Romano
December 21, 2020

Thank you for being such an awesome and reliable team, love your work!!!

Reece G
December 3, 2020

Had the guys from EAC trim a few problem trees. From the beginning there was great communication. They showed up on time, completed all works to a high standard and left my property tidy and clean. I will be using EAC again for any future work. Thanks guys!

Solec Industries
March 20, 2020

Quick, painless and nothing left behind! Would recommend to anyone.

Jenny Dollin
February 27, 2019

These guys were great. We had a huge paperbark tree that had died and we had to get rid of it. We got four quotes and this one was the most reasonable. Communication was great. They were punctual, friendly and did an excellent job. I'd highly recommend them. They cleaned up so well I could say you wouldn't know they had been, but the clean up made my house look much better than when they started. 😂 Can't thank you enough.

Wendy Burnes
October 12, 2018

Just had Steve and Brad? cut down a cotton palm on my boundary, great service. They were quick, cleaned up and even gave my out of control hedge a trim. Would highly recommend.

Great communication from start to finish, turned up on time and completed a job with a large tree on the boundary of my property and a neighbours with a pool on one side. All came down seamlessly and the clean up was fantastic. Would highly recommend.

Carl Tutton
March 19, 2018

Had these guys remove a fairly big tree and i have to say every part of my experience dealing with this company was easy from the quoting to the removal these guys know there stuff could not be happier if you have a tree problem give them a call i highly recommend them thanks fellas Carl