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Residential or commercial, get safe and affordable tree removals with Elevated Arbor Care, your local arborists with years of experience in taking out large trees.
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Servicing all of Greater Western Sydney, we can remove trees that are dying, encroaching on your home, damaged by weather or termites, or are in the way of new extensions. Plus, we can organise emergency tree removals at short notice.

Our experienced team remove trees quickly and safely, opening up space and light in your yard and making the area safer and more usable for you and your family.

Trees may need to be removed due to:

Structural integrity issues or unbalanced growth patterns
Roots breaking through and damaging water or sewer pipes
Awkward positions or being in the way of new developments
Disease, rot or pest insects such as borers
Growing too close to power lines
Termite damage
Storm damage that makes the tree unsightly
Heavy branches encroaching over roofs and creating a safety hazard

Arborists work with trees day in, day out, and are trained to understand the health of a tree. A local arborist from the team at Elevated Arbor Care can provide a recommendation on whether a tree needs to be removed completely, or if heavy pruning or tree remediation will solve the problem.

If the tree does need to be removed, our team are trained to fell trees with skill and precision, leaving a clean and safe area for your family.

Council Approvals

Generally, you’ll need permission from your local Council to cut down a tree on your property. However, this can often be achieved without too much hassle, and we can work with you through the process for peace of mind.

There is a range of regulations that cover tree removals in Penrith, the Blue Mountains, Blacktown, Hawkesbury and other local government areas - take a look at our tree removal FAQ section below for specific details on your council tree regulations.

If you are considering cutting down a tree that is infringing on power lines, causing damage to your home or public property, or it is a known weed species, it’s typically easy to get a tree removal permit. We have an in-depth knowledge of each council and its associated requirements and can provide guidance on permissions for your individual situation - just ask us!

How does an arborist remove a tree?

Removing trees is a safe and simple process when done correctly. Here’s how tree removal works:

Our team visits your property for a site assessment – this enables us to accurately provide a tree removal quote, estimate how long the process will take and the staff and equipment required.
We book your tree removal for a date that suits you (you don’t need to be home when we are on-site).
Our arborists arrive at your property and undergo a site assessment and toolbox talk. We start at the top, set up safety lines and rigging. removing the main branches and then the crown of the tree.
Once all the branches are removed and only the bare trunk remains, the trunk is felled safely.
Our mobile woodchipper mulches the branches, and we can take this away or leave the mulch with you for use around your garden.
We can also remove the tree stump by grinding it down to below ground level.

Elevated Arbor Care has been serving Western Sydney for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and professionalism, and our team of highly experienced arborists use industry-approved climbing and safety techniques and apply the highest level of OH&S on every job site.

What is tree felling?

Tree felling is the final piece of the process. It is slightly different from tree removal as it refers to the final part of removing a tree, which is taking out the bare trunk after the crown and branches have been removed.

Our trained arborists are experienced in the correct techniques for tree felling, ensuring the remaining trunk is brought down in a controlled manner without causing damage to your home or surrounding structures.

Why Choose Elevated Arbor Care for Tree Removal?

We’re the tree removal specialists that take extra care at your property, providing you with safe, efficient and professional tree removal services.

Getting a tree removed from your yard can be a serious undertaking. Don’t risk it with a company you don’t trust - get in touch with our experienced, licensed and safe team for a tree removal assessment and quote.

Get in touch for affordable tree removals in Western Sydney

For both planned and emergency tree removals, Elevated Arbor Care is your arborist service. Our professional team can provide high quality arborist services including tree lopping, pruning, maintenance, mulching and stump grinding.

If you are interested in any of our services please get in touch for friendly, reliable and affordable tree removal.

Contact us today for free quotes - call us 7 days a week on 1300 007 674, or provide your details in the quote form at the bottom of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our arborists.
Why should I hire a certified arborist to care for my trees?

A certified arborist is safety qualified, fully insured, has all the equipment necessary and has the experience to complete the job.

Do I need council approval or a permit to remove trees?

10/50 Vegetation Clearing Entitlement Areas

Under the 10/50 Vegetation Clear Code of Practice, you may clear tree(s) within 10 metres of your property without seeking approval.

Landowners must check if their property is within the clearing entitlement areas. To check if you’re located in a 10/50 area, please use the online tool and enter your address.

10/50 Location Check

Penrith City Council

Approvals and Permits

  • If your tree(s) are over 3.5 meters or more in height, you will need an application to remove them.
  • If your trees need to be removed for development, then you need to submit a Development Application to the council. The proposed removal of native species may require approval from the NSW State Government.

Permit Exemptions

  • Exempt Tree Species: Eg: Cocos Palm, Norfolk Island Hibiscus, English Holly, Liquidambar. Refer to the full list.
  • Tree is assessed as dangerous by a qualified arborist.
  • Trees located within 3 meters of a dwelling.
  • Dead trees provided they are not a habitat for fauna.

We recommend you consult with Penrith City Council for more information or to lodge a Vegetation Permit Application.

Blue Mountains City Council

Approvals and Permits

The Blue Mountains City Council requires permits for all trees over 4 metres or with a crown spread of 4 metres. A permit is also required for:

  • Mallee Eucalyptus trees of any size.
  • Heritage-listed properties.
  • Trees with Aboriginal significance.

Permit Exemptions

  • Trees under 4 metres in height.

We recommend you consult with Blue Mountains City Council for more information or to apply for a permit.

Blacktown City Council

Approvals and Permits

Blacktown City Council requires application forms and site inspections. Technical reports or risk assessments of trees on private property must be completed by a qualified arborist.

Permit Exemptions

  • Tree is assessed as dangerous by a qualified Arborist.
  • Trees located within 3 meters of a dwelling.
  • Dead or dying trees.

We recommend you consult with Blacktown City Council for more information or complete a tree removal application form.

Hawkesbury City Council

Approvals and Permits

  • You need to obtain a Tree/Vegetation Removal Permit from the Hawkesbury City Council.
  • Native vegetation may fall under the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Threshold and may require approval from the Native Vegetation Panel.
  • If a tree is dead, dying or a risk to human life and property, written confirmation from the council is still required.

Permit Exemptions

Exempt Tree Species: Eg: Cocos Palm, Tree of Heaven, Radiata Pine, Rhus Tree. Refer to the full list.

We recommend you consult with Hawkesbury City Council for more information or to obtain Approval.

Hills Shire Council

Approvals and Permits

A Tree Management Permit is required to manage trees on your property.

Permit Exemptions

  • You do not require consent for fruit trees.
  • Exempt Tree Species: Eg: Alexandra Palm, Bangalow Palm, Mexican Palm Tree, African Olive, Indian Rubber Tree. Refer to the full list.

We recommend you consult with Hills Shire Council for more information or to lodge an application form.

Parramatta City Council

Approvals and Permits

Parramatta council has protected tree controls for:

  • Trees 5 metres and taller regardless of whether it is a native or exotic species
  • Trees with an Aboriginal significance
  • Trees with a heritage relationship or is listed on the NSW Heritage Register

Trees that have entered a sewer pipe.

Permit Exemptions

The following trees may be removed without consent if located within 5 meters of a sewer.

  • Poplar
  • Willow
  • Camphor Laurel
  • Liquidambar

We recommend you consult with Parramatta City Council for more information or to submit a Tree Permit Application Form.

Fairfield City Council

Approvals and Permits

Fairfield City Council requires a Tree Work Permit. If the tree is over 4 metres tall and has a canopy of over 3 metres, pruning the tree will also require a permit.

If trees are dead, dying, diseased or a hazard to human life and property, a Tree Work Permit is from the council is still required.

We recommend you consult with Fairfield City Council for more information or to apply for a tree work permit.

City of Ryde

Approvals and Permits

The City of Ryde will not issue permits for the following threatened species:

  • Turpentine
  • Grey Gum
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Thin-leaved Stringybark
  • Sydney Blue Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Forest Oak
  • Sydney Red Gum

Permit Exemptions

  • Exempt Tree Species: Eg: Evergreen Alder, Cotoneaster, Umbrella Trees, Golden Wreath Wattle. Refer to the full list.
  • Trees located within 4 meters of a dwelling.
  • Dead Trees.

We recommend you consult with the City of Ryde for more information or to submit a Tree Application.

City of Sydney

Approvals and Permits

The City of Sydney requires permits for heritage-listed trees and trees over the height of 5 metres and a canopy larger than 5m.

Permit Exemptions

  • If trees are dead, dying or a risk to human life and property
  • Exempt Tree Species: Eg: Camphor Laurel, Chinese Hackberry, Coral Tree, Rubber Tree. Refer to the full list.

We recommend you consult with the City of Sydney for more information or to apply for a permit.

What trees do not require council permission for removal?

Most councils have concessions for the removal of the following species without permits:

  • Liquidambar (Liquidambar styraciflua)
  • Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima)
  • Cocos Palm (Syagrus romanzoffianum)
  • Willow (Salix babylonica)
  • African Olive (Olea europaea var)
  • Cotoneaster (Cotoneaster sp)
  • Norfolk Island Hibiscus (Lagunaria patersonia)
  • Indian Coral Tree (Erythrina x sykesii)
  • Umbrella Tree (Schefflera actinophylla)
  • Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)

What are the new fire regulations and the 10/50 rules?

The 10/50 Vegetation Clearing Scheme allows people living near bushland the freedom to clear trees within 10 metres of a home without seeking council approval.

The scheme was introduced in 2013 after severe bush fires.

Can you remove trees close to power lines?

Yes, we can remove trees that are near service wires and power lines however, Endeavor Energy is responsible for pruning around main service power lines.

Why should I remove my trees?

Such reasons may include dead trees, safety concern, tree health issues or invasive species such as white ants. We can also remove or trim unsightly trees if they also fit in with council approval.

Are you able to cut down all trees?

Yes, as long as there is council approval. However, there may be some exemptions depending on your council area for example some native trees may need to be removed by the local council.

Can I prune or remove my neighbours’ tree?

Yes, we can prune or remove your neighbour’s trees providing you have their consent.

Do you remove all the leftover debris?

Yes, we can remove the leftover debris, alternatively to keep costs low we can leave it for you to dry and use for firewood.

Can you also remove the leftover tree stump?
Is there an alternative to tree removal?

Yes, we offer other tree services such as pruning and trimming for example pruning for property overhang, to reduce unnecessary limbs and to keep the tree healthy. Please note that some councils hold limitations on how much of the tree can be pruned.

How much does it cost to get a tree removed?

If you need a tree cut down, trimmed or removed completely, get in touch with Elevated Arbor Care for safe, reliable and affordable tree removals.

Phone us 7 days a week on 1300 007 674 or get a fast online quote today. We can offer great prices on tree removal services across all of Western Sydney.

Can we have trees removed that are on public land?

No, trees on public land are the responsibility of the councils.

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  • These guys worked bloody hard removing some trees for us over a couple of days. From the start the quote process was easy and well communicated. Steve was flexible, happy to give advice and great to deal with.
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  • Steve and his offsider come today and cut an remove 5 palms at a good price I was very impressed with there service and how clean they left my property will definitely use them again
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  • I was thoroughly pleased with the overall experience from communication to professionalism when removing the tree. Definitely worth the five stars!!!
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  • Very efficient, knowledgeable, showed up on time and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.
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  • After a devastating storm took down part of one of our largest trees, we were recommended to try this company, Steve's quote was more than reasonable, they turned up on time, pleasant and friendly worked hard in 40 degree heat.
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Steve from EAC has been great to deal with. Quote was affordable and on the day the team worked quickly and professionally. Trees were removed with the stumps ground out the next day. Very happy!

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EAC removed an oak tree for me a few months back. The price was reasonable, the service was highly professional and they did a good job of cleaning up. I highly recommend them.

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March 25, 2021

These guys worked bloody hard removing some trees for us over a couple of days. From the start the quote process was easy and well communicated. Steve was flexible, happy to give advice and great to deal with. On the days of the work there was a great team who turned up early and worked amazingly hard. They worked seamlessly with Sydney Wide Cranes who got the branches safely over our house. They took care of everything including large tree removal, wood chipping and stump grinding. They took the time after a long job to leave the street clean. You can tell Steve and his team take a pride in their work and they really wanted us to have the best experience. I would highly recommend Elevated Arbor Care. THANKYOU!

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I highly recommend Elevated Arbor Care to anyone. From the initial call with Steve to quote the job (which I was pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price quoted), to Steve and his crew arriving early before it rained, I was thoroughly pleased with the overall experience from communication to professionalism when removing the tree. Definitely worth the five stars!!!

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Very efficient, knowledgeable, showed up on time and was reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.

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Thank you for being such an awesome and reliable team, love your work!!!

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Had the guys from EAC trim a few problem trees. From the beginning there was great communication. They showed up on time, completed all works to a high standard and left my property tidy and clean. I will be using EAC again for any future work. Thanks guys!

Solec Industries
March 20, 2020

Quick, painless and nothing left behind! Would recommend to anyone.

Jenny Dollin
February 27, 2019

These guys were great. We had a huge paperbark tree that had died and we had to get rid of it. We got four quotes and this one was the most reasonable. Communication was great. They were punctual, friendly and did an excellent job. I'd highly recommend them. They cleaned up so well I could say you wouldn't know they had been, but the clean up made my house look much better than when they started. 😂 Can't thank you enough.

Wendy Burnes
October 12, 2018

Just had Steve and Brad? cut down a cotton palm on my boundary, great service. They were quick, cleaned up and even gave my out of control hedge a trim. Would highly recommend.

Great communication from start to finish, turned up on time and completed a job with a large tree on the boundary of my property and a neighbours with a pool on one side. All came down seamlessly and the clean up was fantastic. Would highly recommend.

Carl Tutton
March 19, 2018

Had these guys remove a fairly big tree and i have to say every part of my experience dealing with this company was easy from the quoting to the removal these guys know there stuff could not be happier if you have a tree problem give them a call i highly recommend them thanks fellas Carl